Fitness, flexibility and strength for daily life

Rachel Law offers fitness and flexibility training for women. Here she shows a client how to use a VipR To be fully fit you need flexibility and strength. When you are strong and flexible your body will be best well equipped to run, cycle, swim and carry out daily activities of an active life without injury.

Exercising on a regular basis can make day to day activities like carrying shopping bags and children easier.

It will keeping your body-fat at a healthy level, your muscles strong  & joints supple.

Exercise reduces stress levels, cardio-vascular problems and serious heart diseases, and also help prevent osteoporosis and diabetes.

In everything we do our bodies work in three planes of motion. So I deliver exercise programs that do just that.

Through functional, 3-dimensional flexibility and movement-based exercise you will improve core stability and range of motion, creating a faster, stronger, toned and more flexible body.

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