Private Personal Training

 The number one reason why most people have a personal trainer?



And that includes me!

Exercising for many people amounts to being an uncomfortable, boring, uninteresting experience. Hence the key is to find a way to make exercise enjoyable/satisfying to the extent that getting fitter becomes more easily attainable and that exercise adherence becomes a life habit. Personal trainng provides accountability and also helps you to exercise to your fullest potential.


A few reasons to book a personal training session 

A PT  can provide huge inroads to breaking down the emotional/psychological barriers that you may have to exercise.

If you feel a little intimidated by the gym environment, having a personal training session can help break down those barriers helping you to become more comfortable with your surroundings, your ability to exercise, and ultimately how you perceive your fitness.

A PT can help you improve your perceived competence. Research shows that when a person improves their perception they exercise more regularly because they begin to enjoy the act of exercising and the benefits it gives them.

Studies reveal the importance PTs have on a client’s exercise adherence. Invariably results show that personal training clients demonstrate a higher rating of perceived exertion score than those without a trainer.

Finally, a PT can provide valuable motivation, structure, accountability, and encourage a healthier lifestyle.

So why train with me?

THE TRAINING WORKS   Personal Training

My clients are all different and have different goals and abilities. Many want to lose fat and tone up, others want to improve their flexibility, others increase their fitness and strength; many a combination of all these. But all require different styles of training and nutrition.

Working on an individual basis with you means I can tailor your workouts to your needs and to achieve what you want.

I will inspire you with confidence, help you enjoy the gym and MOTIVATE you.

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