Pelvic Floor Coaching

Whether you’ve just had a baby and are finding yourself leaking when you sneeze, or you had babies years ago and find yourself avoiding the trampoline with the kids at any cost, pelvic floor issues can affect so many of us.

Yes it’s a bit embarrassing, so either we make light of it and laugh off that recent bladder evacuation, while bulk buying Tena Lady, or we just keep quiet and suffer in silence. Because, let’s face it, we all get told that pelvic floor problems are just ‘normal’ because we’ve had kids. We’ve normalised leaking, so it’s become something we just accept and never really talk about. But what’s the real truth?


pelvic floor problems

Leaking is common – loads of us have experienced it at some point. But it’s absolutely not ‘normal’ and it certainly shouldn’t be something we have to put up with. And it’s even more important that it’s dealt with early, because bladder incontinence is something that can get worse as you hit the menopause.

Unfortunately, this is also one of those things where there is no one-size-fits-all answer as the reasons for your leaking could be different.

I offer 1 hour coaching sessions on pelvic floor function and exercise.

This initial session can be followed up with further sessions if required.

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