Rachel Law

Woman’s Fitness Coach, Rachel Law

With a passion for making women look and feel their best,  I offer a bespoke one-to-one personal training service.


About Me

Originally from the Midlands, I have lived in London for 27 years. I came down here to study Accountancy with Ernst and Young following 3 years at Leeds University where I did a Maths degree.

I now live in New Malden with my three teenage boys.

I’ve always enjoyed keeping active and have trained in a gym since I was 18.
Never one for aerobics classes I opted for resistance training, along with netball.

Over recent years I  have taken part in several triathlons including the Olympic Distance London Triathlon which I completed in just under 3 hours. I have  also done the Run to the Beat Half Marathon and the Hampton Court to Kingston Swim.

In May 2017 I took part in a Three Peaks Alps Challenge 
From my base in Chamonix I travelled out each day to tackle some of the highest trekking peaks in the alps – one in France, one in Switzerland and one in Italy.

I love spending active holidays with my boys, including skiing and walking

We have trekked in the Atlas Mountains, enjoyed canyoning in Slovenia and the Lake District, completed the Via Ferrata Extreme and Scafell Pike.

In October we plan to summit Mount Toukbal, the highest peak in North Africa, and next year tackle Peru.

Strength Training.. I don’t mean BIG MUSCLES

Amongst my other sporting endeavours I’ve always strength trained , which without a doubt has helped me through these endurance events.

There are many health and fitness benefits of strength training:

  • It has athletic benefits, even for endurance sports.
  • It has numerous physical and mental health benefits.
  • It is helpful for rehabilitation of a wide variety of illnesses.
  • It can provide much the same health benefits as ‘cardio’.
  • It also has unique health benefits that are especially important as you age. Benefits that you can only get through strengthening




How did I end up in Personal Training?

Having decided that Accountancy was not for me, I then trained as a Paediatric Nurse which I enjoyed but the unsocial hours were not a good for for raising a young family.

Then one day as I stepped into the gym I realised that trending my trainers and workout gear was how I was most comfortable and pursued my PT qualification.

Once qualified I was fortunate in being introduced to a former Director Of Premier Global who had just opened his own PT studio in St Margarets. And it was there I started to work with clients under his watchful eye.

He taught me loads about functionality and spinal mobility that you never learn on a PT course and I would never have learnt working on my own. And I have built on these principles and use them daily in my practice.

And through him I met the fantastic Jenny Burrell, who has inspired me over the years in my work with women at all life stages.
I have worked with many pre-and post-natal mums, mums with older children, women have not had children, and am currently enhancing my knowledge with my 3rd Age Women certification.

Now in my mid-forties I embrace that we come in all shapes and sizes and that the number on the scales may not be the most important.
We need to be functionally fit to enjoy life and being with friends and family. My focus in on enhancing the fitness and health of all women through exercise and nutrition. I love to have a new client come to me with the goal of feeling fitter and stronger, rather than just lose weight.

With personal training clients in Twickenham, St Margaret’s, Richmond, Kingston and New Malden, I work from private gym studios and large gym. I still have a large client base in my original workplace in St Margaret’s, but now have an indoor/ outdoor gym studio at home in New Malden and have recently started to work from the new Bounce in New Malden.

Training people is constantly challenging as everyone is different, and clients will present with all sorts of weird and wonderful aches and pains that need thought in how to manage and improve them.

There can also be other challenges….
My funniest moment was a client turning up in her summer dress and heels having forgotten her gym kit but still wanting to train. The dress was quite short so the challenge on that occasion was how to avoid revealing all!!

All clients are different with varying goals and needs. The consistent advice I give people is to find things you enjoy doing to keep you active. I encourage clients to find other things to do to keep active outside their PT sessions with me, be that brisk walking, a circuits class, or an exercise channel to watch on you tube.

I only work with women so have a huge amount of experience and expertise in working with all female fitness issues. Having had a family myself so can empathise with the issues of being a working mum, bringing up children and keeping fit, string and healthy.

I will coach and help you in how to achieve your goals, be it weight loss, improving fitness and strength and often a combination of these.



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